Tuna Mousse

Another fabulous dish by our Italian friend Luciana. This recipe sounds strange--and way too rich. But it is light, deliciously creamy and great spread on bread or stuffed into cherry tomatoes or small red peppers.
2 cans of tuna, packed in oil, drained
a stick of softened unsalted butter
1 Tbs. capers
2 anchovy filets (packed in oil, drained, "filetto di acciuga sott'olio")
Blend tuna fish with capers and anchovies. It's best to do it in two batches because the mixture is thick and the blender will stick. Blend thoroughly. Whip the soft butter until light with electric mixer, add tuna in batches, whipping the mixture. Scoop into bowl and freeze for and hour, then put in the fridge. Take out about an hour before serving so it softens. I served it a bit too soon, so it was hard and not easy to spread. When it comes to room temperature, it is fluffy and rich and full of tuna flavor.
Luciana suggested substituting half the quantity of butter with whipping cream--please post on this blog if you try it! Pair with Prosecco.

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